If you are looking for a more openly esoteric organization within Freemasonry then perhaps the SRIA may be of interest to you.

The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA) is a Rosicrucian society that was established in England in the mid-19th century. The SRIA is dedicated to the study and practice of mystical and esoteric teachings, and it is structured like a Masonic lodge, with degrees and initiations. The SRIA has had a significant influence on modern Western esotericism and has been particularly influential in the development of the Golden Dawn, a magical order that was founded in the late 19th century.

The SRIA has various colleges or chapters throughout the world, including the College of Francis Bacon No. 29, which is now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

The SRIA is a Masonic society, which means that membership is limited to Master Masons who are members of a recognized Masonic Grand Lodge. In order to become a member of the SRIA, one must first be a Master Mason in good standing and then be proposed by a current member (if you express an interest to a current member they can assist you. if you’re interested ask, don’t wait to be invited).

The SRIA’s teachings and practices are focused on Rosicrucianism and related esoteric subjects, rather than mainstream Masonic rituals and symbolism. Nonetheless, many SRIA members find that their Masonic background provides a helpful foundation for their studies and practices within the SRIA.

This college is named after the famous English philosopher, scientist, and statesman Francis Bacon, who is sometimes associated with Rosicrucianism due to his interest in esotericism and his involvement in secret societies. The College of Francis Bacon No. 29 was originally based in Victoria and was moved to the Sunshine Coast to accommodate the growing Masonic interest in that area. As a reborn and growing College it is very active in attracting new members and it is dedicated to promoting the study and practice of Rosicrucianism and related esoteric subjects on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

 Structure of the Society

The Society is governed internationally by The Supreme Magus and his High Council. It is divided into Provinces, each governed by a Chief Adept.
The Chief Adepts are responsible for the Colleges within their respective Provinces. Each College is presided over by a Celebrant and his officers elected or appointed annually.

A member of the Society (called a frater, Latin for ‘brother’, pl. fratres) aspires to progress through a series of nine grades, each having its own colourful and impressive ritual ceremony, in three distinct Orders.

A candidate is required to be proposed and seconded by members of the Society and is elected by ballot.

Through regular and graduated steps, the members of the Society are guided from the initial effort to the final goal. Each student ought to possess those aspirations that can be developed during the training in the Fraternity.

If you are interested in joining Sir Francis Bacon College No.59 please contact:

Frater Samyo Dalgarno via email click here or call 0403 750 063 & leave a message

Meeting Night

Currently Sir Francis Bacon College meets the 3rd Wednesday of March, May, July & September


8 Hill Street, Woombye Qld. 4559.