Inaugural Meeting
The first meeting, with the intent of officially forming a Lodge in Caloundra, occurred on the 3rd May, 1945. The Foundation Members, who convened the meeting in the School of Arts Library on Canberra Terrace, elected Worshipful Bother J.W.Steib as their Founding Master.


Dedication and Installation
The Dedication of Caloundra Lodge, Number 387, on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, was duly constituted and enacted in the School of Arts Hall on the 2nd February,1946, at 5.30pm: that being the advertised time of tyling for the initial Lodge meeting. Eighty one Lodges were represented with two hundred and seventy five Brethren present accompanied by twenty three Grand Lodge Officers.

First Regular Meeting
The first regular meeting of the recently constituted Caloundra Lodge took place in a new venue – the Methodist Church, on 7th March, 1946.

The First Caloundra Lodge Temple
On 3rd October 1946, two blocks of land were purchased by the Lodge on the corner of Arthur Street and Bingera Terrace for the nominal amount of one hundred and fifty pounds. The building of the Temple proved to be a slow and demanding project. However, due to the undaunted enthusiasm of its members and their many hours of voluntary work, the first Masonic Temple was dedicated on the 17th March, 1951.

Our Current Masonic Temple
The first move to build a replacement Temple gathered pace with both a Building and a Feasibility Committee being formed to plan the new venture. On the 7th October 1980, the Feasibility Committee reported that it was not advisable nor possible to rebuild on the existing property, but that land could be procured in Arthur Street as leasehold. This was accomplished as a result of negotiations with the Chairman of the Queensland Lands Commission. On the 4th August 1981, the Lands Department officially notified the Lodge that a Special Lease had been gazetted for a thirty year tenure at $300 per year rental with further provision of $15 a year for
administrative fees.

In 1988, following a deputation from Lodge members to the Minister for Lands, freehold tenure was granted for the four thousand square metres; the cost of which being $30,000. The Board of General Purposes enabled this to occur with a substantial loan to the Lodge.

Commencement of Building
The sale of the previous Temple in 1981, paved the way for the new building. On 3rd September,1982, having obtained the necessary permits from the Landsborough Shire Council and Fire Safety Board, the foundations were laid.

Over the next two years, the building gradually took shape, due mainly to voluntary labour, generous donations and loans from the Brethren and input from professional builders and plumbers only when necessary.

August 26th, 1983, marked the official completion of the Temple.

Extensions to the hall complex were completed in 1992, while renovations to the toilets took place in 2002.

Official Opening
The first meeting in the new Temple dated 4th October,1983, planned for the official dedication and Installation which occurred later that month on the 29 October,1983.

One hundred and thirty six Brethren and their wives partook of the banquet. Everyone was amazed that so much had been achieved by so few.
Worshipful Brother Trevor Hirn was duly installed as the first Master of Caloundra Masonic Lodge in the Arthur Street Temple.