Well the first thing about us is, that we are Freemasons and we are in your community. Many of us just quietly working away as tradies, business owners, administrative staff, retirees. We could be just about anyone you meet during the course of the day. We are family men caring for our families, grandfathers watching over grandchildren or single men building a life but there something we all share, the common values of charity and Brotherhood.

Freemasons in the WildThis website was built to present the Masonic Craft to Men who may be interested in becoming Freemasons and to share with the broader Sunshine Coast community the work that we do quietly supporting others.

Past Grandmaster of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland Most Wor. Bro Gary Bacon in presenting his vision for Freemasonry into the future suggested that we should change one of our traditional Latin Mottoes, “Aude Vide Tace” – Hear, See and be Silent to “Aude Vide Clamo” – Hear See and make a big noise (rough translation). So that’s what we have done.

We are out there, we are in the community, some of us are private about our membership and some of us are more the “Clamo” type. And that is the beautiful thing you’ll find in a Lodge, respect for points of view and respect for each other, because we ARE all Brothers.

Please feel free to explore the website and remember that if you want to become a Freemason you can’t wait for one to ask you, you need to ask one. So remember 2B1 ask 1.