What a fantastic day, and a most successful “Drive in the Hinterland” which commenced at Old Petrie Town, driving out to Woodford, for morning tea, then onto the Maleny Masonic Centre for lunch.

Here they joined the members of Maleny Lodge for Damper, (wholemeal and White self raising flour) with Maple Syrup, Golden syrup, and strawberry jam, and cake, on arrival, all washed down with soft and hard drinks, cold from the fridge, or tea or coffee from the urn.

Then the Brethren from Maleny, Arthur, John X 3 Steve, Bob and our guest Nihal, started the lunchtime Sausage Sizzle, complete with drinks and fellowship, looking after our visitors from Pine Rivers lodge, Lowood Lodge, Shorncliffe Lodge, Sir Wylie Norman Lodge, and our new candidate for Pine Rivers.

Sadly we missed all the other city and Sunshine Coast Lodges, but we will do two next year, one in Winter, the other Spring, December too hot and too close to Christmas.

Then the group assembled for lunch and fellowship, catered for by members of Maleny Lodge, great warm-up to the Sausage Sizzle we will do at Bunnings at Caloundra tomorrow.

Then, the drawing of the raffle, with our new candidate David and his family having a win, of a box of chocolates, Geoff and Clare, a bottle of wine and Zeke and Tash, winning the fruit box.

The second last photo is Greg and Scotty who drove up together in the Morgan from Petrie.

As they departed, Alistair was there with his camera in hand to record the event. Not all photos are added here, but there were all types of vehicles, from Greg in his Morgan, Jeff and Clare, in their BMW, John in his Jaguar, Marty and friend on the Beasty bike, Alistair and Clare in their new Honda Civic.

We were unable to have an outdoor fire to make the ashes for the damper, due to total fire ban, so we moved inside, using the Lodge Barby to cook the dampers.

We tried something new, Damper from Wholemeal flour, and it turned out really well, and we also made the popular White flour staples Damper, 3 cups of self-raising flour and a stubby of beer, needed, rested and cooked in cast iron camp ovens, and they turned out as good as those done on the open fire.

We did miss many who were committed elsewhere, but understand and hope we get you up in the Hinterland for the next one.